Sorry I have ended no more cutting fees. Still for many customers there is and continue to be no cutting fee, but with the increase in lower quality fabrics that are not holding up from sellers like Joann, Hancock, and other discount sellers, I have decide to start charging for fabrics that are of lower quality and need extra work or preparation.

Sorry time is money, and I simply can not fix for free what I have not provided you with any more. 

Be careful it's not always a good deal just because it's on sale. I know their prices are good but quality is key.

Cutting fees starting price is $10 per yard

But for many who have good basic fabrics with a basic pattern match you will will have no fee.  But do call before you buy. Buy something worthy of your money and my time. If you want the work to last make sure it's good fabric first. Don't waist your money as some have.

I'm here to help. So call first.

Eisenberg Upholstery

No More Cutting Fees!

Most shops will charge you a cutting fee when you bring in someone else's fabrics.
Or they will not take your job at all.
You can see why, it is money they could be making.
Or if they do take your job they like to charge you a "cutting fee" of say $10 to $20 per yard to recoup their losses.  
As for my shop, since I work with a lot of Designers that many of you buy your fabrics from, and from stores I have a good relationship with, I have decided to no longer charge a cutting fee.
Save $15.00 per yard off what was my standard cutting fee, when you supply your own upholstery fabrics.
In other words you can get your fabric from whom ever you wish and there is no fee.  And it has no impact on my labor and supplies warrantee.
My 1 year Fabric Warranty is good only on recommended fabrics you buy from me as you might guess .
So be aware that I do not, in any way, warrantee your supplied fabric. My work is warranted but you have to talk to your Designer or fabric store about what is covered on their fabric.

Also note, any extra handling that your fabric might need such as a backing or surging or sizing is a by the hour item. So in short extra handling of fabric store fabrics to get them to work for your project is an extra charge and billed by the hour.

If you have any questions please just give a call or email

I will be very happy to give you some pointers on picking out fabrics for the project you want me to upholster for you.

This is free to my customes and those considering me for a project.


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