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Bill Eisenberg, Master upholsterer
Specializing in Furniture
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Serving the Peninsula, Kitsap, Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Silverdale, Bremerton, Port Orchard, Olalla, and Gig Harbor with over 28 years of experience.

Bill Eisenberg
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Circa 1880s Settee, The closet to "Perfect" I have ever come in my work. It turned out very nice.
Bill Alice and Merisa
Central Park NY 2007
American Empire Settee Circa 1860s by Eisenberg Upholstery
Some points to keep in mind that differentiate my work from most other
shops if not all in some ways.

The short list to keep in mind:

*Only shop that has a 5 year warranty on labor, most shops 1 year and
some only 30 days. So ask how long do they warranty their work.

*I have myself over 26 years in furniture upholstery like your chair.
Some shops say they have more, but it's the business not the people
doing your work. Or its 5 workers each with 3+  years added together.
No I have over 26 years myself and my business is only 19 years old.
So there you go. Ask, how long has the person working on my chair done
furniture upholstery?  (Side note: It takes 10 years of full time work
to be a master)

*I specialize in furniture not furniture and auto and boats and
awning... like some shops.  99% of my experiences and work is in
furniture upholstery and antique restoration just like your furniture.
I really do know what I'm doing, and it will show in your project.
Keep in mind all upholsterers have their specialty from boats to
furniture to truck seats. Ask what their specialty is. They
realistically can only be good at a few but great at 1.

* I will be the one working on your project period. Many shops
outsource your job to other shops, this is almost always because of
price not quality. This is simply so the seller can turn a profit too.
I do all my own upholstery work from start to finish in my own shop,
from pickup to delivery. So ask, who will be doing my work you or
someone in Seattle?

*Right or wrong I did it. Their is no chain of command, If it's done
right Bill did it, if something needs to be redone during the 5 year
warranty it's Bill. I have no influx of more or less skilled helpers
working on your project. It's just me. I'm 100% responsible for the
quality of your project. And you know that, and I have 5 years of
responsibility to you to guarantee the work is done right.

*Only shop I know of that warranties general supplies including foam
for 5 years. I only use high quality foams and supplies.

*Sorry If you have your own fabric, I can not guarentee your fabric since I have no controle over what you buy or the quality of it. Note that there is usually no cutting fee but with problem fabrics there is a $10 to $45 per yard cutting me. But most have none. Best to call before buying. I'll do my best to help.

Thank you

Bill Eisenberg
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Striped Wing back with Matching Foot stool Bainbridge Island
100% from scratch Upholstered Sofa with fringe skirt Poulsbo
Grandma's 1940s Sofa Restored after years in the basement
Some of the companies I've workedfor over the years:

Joann's Fabrics in Silverdale (Teaching)
Hancock Fabrics (Teaching, Consulting)
Arnold's Furniture (Repair)
JC Penny's (Repair)
Sears (Repair)
Bon-Macy's (Repair)
Action Industries (Repair)
La-Z-Boy (Repair)
Lane Industries (Repair)
Navy Exchange (Repair)
Silverdale Antiques (Upholstery, Antique Restoration)
Fabric Boutique of Poulsbo (Upholstery)
Spartan Restaurant on Bainbridge (Upholstery)
Evergreen Upholstery (Upholstery)
Washington State DHHS (Upholstery, Protective Equipment Development)
100 Fold Products (Product Development, Pattern Design, Production Manager, Pattern Licensing.)
Peninsula Community Health Services (Medial Equipment Upholstery)
Many many Dr's offices (Medical waiting room and tables)
And more!!!!

1940s Chair restored Gig Habor
Passed down 2 generations 1920-30s sofa. Still had original spring twine in tack after 80 some years. Very Impressive
Victorian Settee upholstered for Silverdale Antiques
Drexel Sofa from the 80s, Was in great shape and very good qualtiy.
Chair I upholstered for  Silverdale Antiques.  Circa late 1700s to early 1800s
Very Nice Settee  from Silverdale

Why Choose Bill?

Over 26 years specializing in Furniture Upholstery

Over 26 years in  Upholstered Antique Furniture Restoration

Full Upholstery and Restoration Service

In Home repair service

5 year warranty on new general supplies and workmanship  with full Reupholstery (Most quality shops are 1 year.)

1 year warranty on new general supplies and workmanship on basic upholstery and repairs.

New HR Foam 5 year warranty against going soft or losing it's shape. (New furniture stores do not guarantee this. Look at their warranty.)

Fabric sold through my shop w/ upholstery work  are  warranted for 1 year against pretty much everything but pet damage,abuse and staining. So under normal none commercial use, fabric is covered for one year from upholstery or manufacturer problems. ( I do not know any other shop that offers this.)


Suit of furniture Settee and chair they came in lose went out solid.

In Home Furntiure Repair

Bill Eisenberg
Call (360) 377-4389

or email">

Specializing in Furniture Upholstery and Restoration

Serving the Peninsula, Kitsap, Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Silverdale, Bremerton, Port Orchard, Olalla, and Gig Harbor with over 26 years of experience.