Nan Byington Custom Sewing:
In Bremerton
Serving Kitsap Peninsula, Bainbridge Island, Poulbo, Silverdale, Bremerton, Port Orchard. 

Nan is probably the best seamstress I have ever worked with.  Give her a call.
I've known Nan for over 7 years now, and she puts my work to shame when it comes to custom sewing.

I'm fine for what upholstery requires a straight line and a corner, but Nan is a master of sewing.

Custom sewing:
        Window Coverings
I highly recommend Nan. She is good enough for those of us looking for high quality sewing.

And she is a very charming, kind, soft spoken person.

I know you will love working with her.

This is a chair I worked on with Nan.
I upholstered the chair, and she cut and sewed the skirt.
She did a great job. Sewing an outside curve is not easy.
I know I could not do it and was amazed at how well Nan did.


Owner Eisenberg Upholsery with over 23 years of upholstery service.