Thinking of learning upholstery?

I have two classes and free online videos:

Pro Class for people and businesses who
want to learn upholstery as a trade

and Jo-Ann Fabrics basic class for people who
want to do their own chair.

And the videos are for anyone.
My YouTube Video Page

More Videos added to my YouTube page this month, April of 2011.

Now over 6 hours of free upholstery videos now online.

Over twice as many as what is listed on my site at this time.

Please watch and let me know what you think and what you would like to learn.

The Pro Class takes place in an upholstery shop and run $250 per 3 hour class. You can bring up to 3 students. There is a 10 class Minimum.

If you are thinking of trying upholstery on your own, a great way to learn is to take a class at Joann's Fabric in Silverdale.

I teach a class as Joann's in the Fall and Winter on Wednesday nights from 5:30 to 8:30.

A set of classes run $180 for 6 classes.

It is 30% lecture and 70% hands on, where you bring your own chair.

The class covers everything I can get into a 6 week class that builds on the basics of upholstery.

At the class I focus on approximately 40 sure fire processes that work for just about any piece of furniture.

To sign up for the class you can call Jo Ann's at  (360) 692-1300

You can call or email me any questions about the class at

Call (360) 377-4389

Cell (360) 440-8692
Upholstery Online Videos:
Upholstery Lesson Links:
If a book is more to your liking, then the book I use for my classes is Upholstery Basics by Singer. 

Here is a link at  

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Student Comments:
I just wanted to say I've enjoyed the six week upholstery class.  I've learned a lot and will now have a great hobby.  Thank you also for having free videos to view from your website on different upholstery techniques and projects.  It's very helpful seeing and hearing you explain a process.

 I look forward to having other classes from you in the future.

John Broaddus

TimberTides  Realty

 Office 360-898-0070

Where I have been teaching for over the past 10 years.

Pacific Fabrics
Hancock Fabrics
Joann Fabrics
Eisenberg Upholstery
Evergreen Upholstery
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