Regluing some quick ideas.

The frame on a chair needs some repair when it comes to regluing the glue I use is  "Elmer's White Glue."

Note: If you want a great glue for regluing your furniture and antiques. Then "Elmer's White School Glue" is the glue to use.  And please do pick Elmer's. I've tried others with some good an not as good results. So stick with Elmer's.  It's always worked well for me.

Why Elmer's White School glue?

First, when it comes to glue all it has to be is stronger then what you are gluing back together.

When it comes to wood, Elmer's is that and then some.

Elmer's as you might remember is stronger then the wood itself and the wood will brake before a proper glue joint will.

Remember the commercials from the 70s and 80s ?

Second, Elmer's white school glue has a nice slower drying time then most glues which gives you time to adjust and clamp your project.

And a nice easy speed is needed to align and clamp your project.

I know Elmer's and others have yellow carpenter's glues.

But they dry much, much faster which leave almost no time for adjusting your project,  and they can start to set within minutes.


So it can become a rush, rush, rush to get it all together and clamped before it dries.


Please believe me I've been there. No sooner do you start when the phone rings or someone will be at the door with the deal of the century.

And remember these glues aren't any stronger in the end then the Elmer's White glue.  The glue just has to be stronger then the thing your gluing.


Third, because of the slower drying time, it allows for better penetration of the wood joint. That is,  the old glue will soften up somewhat and produce a better hold do to the longer drying time of Elmer's White glue.

And Forth, over time any and all glue joints will fail. So after time of say 20 or  30 or 40 years your work will need to be redone. And a glue like Elmer's can be easily cleaned up and scraped away to allow for a new gluing.

Some of these new super high-tech glues can be a pain to clean off and some will require you to use a heat gun to heat them up and then scrape off. Elmer's all you need is a scraper and maybe some warm water or vinegar and if you don't do a perfect job, it's ok the new Elmer's  White School glue will help to soften up the old glue.

So now you know why  I choose Just plain old Elmer's White School glue to glue and reglue even antiques.
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